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At 21 years of age, Alix started up ChartHouse Studios LTD and has since built up her reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable vocal experts in the music industry.

A leader in her field, Alix specialises is top line writing, vocal coaching, performance & confidence coaching, vocal production and artist development. She has built a strong network of industry contacts through her incredible personable skills. Alix has worked with a number of huge music acts including Olly Murrs, Corrine Bailey Rae, Karen Harding, Becky Hill, Ella Eyre and more, and has also released music of her own with top producers and labels reaching the charts in the UK and internationally.


Alix began collaborating with the international production company ‘DreamWorks ‘ as well as top music producers such as VOOST, Tom Ferry and released music with Sony Music, Chill Your Mind, Perfect Havoc and Spinning records to name a few. Although Alix has followed her love for dance music as a feature artist, her skills are versatile and adaptable to what ever is needed in the moment. Keeping things current, catchy and relevant to the artist she is working with in the moment. 

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Alix Robson
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