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singing & guitar lessons


Work with our professional and highly trained vocal & guitar coaches, to reach your highest potential through unique and customised training techniques to suit your needs. Using our professional recording equipment in a fully treated studio, you'll not only feel the improvements, but walk away with recorded proof too of your hard work.

1 x singing or guitar lesson

4 x singing or guitar lessons 

8 x singing or guitar lessons


PRICE: £120   /  SAVE £40

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PRICE: £230   / SAVE  £90

PRICE: £30   /  SAVE £10

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Whether your a begginner making your mark, or an experienced producer looking to collaborate with professional producers in a studio, our production sessions are perfect for the budding bedroom producer to get a foot into the world of professional music production. 




1 x Production lesson

PRICE: £30 / SAVE: £10

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4 x Production lessons

PRICE: £115 / SAVE: £45

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PRICE: £240 / SAVE: £70

8 x Production lessons

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Take advantage of your time working with trained, top class producers and mentors in one of our 4 fully treated professinonal recording studios and record your favourite tracks. Whether you are looking to record covers or work on original material, let us know and we'll get going. Walk away with fully mixed and mastered tracks ready to release.

2 hours recording time

1/2 day recording time

full day recording time


PRICE: £60/  SAVE:£10

PRICE: £105/ SAVE: £15

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PRICE: £220 / SAVE  £60

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Karaoke PArty
Popstar PArty


Our singing parties have been one of biggest sellers for a long time, AND THEY ARE BACK!!

From birthdays & hen parties, to get togethers and karaoke nights, come in and party away with a mic in your hand and record your favourite songs. You have 2 hours to record as many of your favourite songs as you would like and you even get to walk away with the whole experience recorded. Over 18's are offered the option of a bring your own booze too!

PRICE: £99   / SAVE £51

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Song & video package

The song & video package is perfect for the developing artist looking to move to the next level. Pushing over into the professional world of music and the current social media upkeep of visual aid to your music, these packages are for everyone, but specifically great for singers looking to make their mark in the industry. Come in, record your favourite songs and perform in your very own high quality studio video, ready to release on Tik tik, instagram or even just for family friends. Our team will help you feel relaxed and be  the confident ' star of the show ' you deserve to be, through out the whole experience.

PRICE:£150 / SAVE:£50

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